Book Review: Falling Into Flowers by Alison Ellis

Book Review: Falling Into Flowers by Alison Ellis

<Falling Into Flower>, written by Alison Ellis is a step-to-step guide to today’s modern wedding business. It’s fully packed of valuable useful information on how to build a wedding focused floral design business. This book is concise and easy to read. It approaches the key elements of running a flower business on weddings and making sure the math adds up. Get your notebook and highlighter ready as you read through and it’s a quick read!

Highlights of the book:

    1. How to become a wedding florist and essential items you’ll need to get started
    2. How to sell a wedding
    3. Money talk – Alison breaks it down so it’s easy to comprehend and it’s so vital to a strong business
    4. The business Q&A – Alison has been teaching and coaching for quite a few years and in this section she shares the most common questions she has received and answered
    5. Wedding planning + Production – Timing is everything in this line of work. Alison shares solid information on how to plan and prepare for the week of the wedding

Often floristry books are about the floral designs, the recipes, and staged photoshoots. While this book is about how to create a profitable floral business that focuses on weddings and special events. Truly a thoughtful book that all people in the wedding floral industry should read.

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